Slovenian National Home (Nash)

Est. October 19, 1940 - Haughville, Indianapolis, USA

As the Near Westside population continued to grow during the 1920s, so did diversity and, at times, divisiveness. During World War I, anti-German sentiment led to the renaming of Germania and Bismarck Streets to Pershing and Belleview Streets. Even within the tight-knit Slovenian community conflict between socialists and Catholics led to the establishment of the Slovenian National Home on May 26, 1918 by Slovenian socialists, freethinkers, and anti-clerics. Originally located at 729 N. Holmes, it sponsored concerts, plays, cards, beverages, dances, and sports teams that were not connected to the church. Founders intended the social club to provide an alternative to Holy Trinity's religious programming. On October 19, 1940 the Slovenian National Home moved to its current location at 10th Street and Warman Avenue.

Slovenian National Home

2717 W 10th St.

Indianapolis, IN 46222


Tel: (317) 632-0619