Peter Martič (May 19, 1738 - Unknown)

Katarina Kregul (1740 - Unknown)

Peter Martič was born on May 19, 1738 in Cerovica (near Samobor), Croatia, to Nikolaj and Helena Martič.


Katarina Kregul was born in approx. 1740 in Gradnje, Slovenia, to Matija and Ana Kregul.


Peter Martič and Katarina Kregul married on November 18, 1761 in Sv. Križ (now Podbočje). 


Cerovica and Gradnje are located in close proximity to one another while being in different countries. Prušnja vas, Cerovica, and Gradnje are shown on the map below.

All Peter and Katarina's children were born in Cerovica (we are currently researching the names of other children):


  1. Lucija Martič (November 25,1769 - Unknown)

It is unknown when and where Peter Martič and Katarina Kregul died.


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The Božič Family Genealogical Tree
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