Matija Božič (June 28, 1747 - Unknown)

Ana Stopar (1740 - August 30, 1785)

Slovenian (Božič) and Croatian (Božič): nickname for someone born between Christmas Day and Epiphany, or for someone who had some particular connection with the Christmas season, from božič "Christmas", from a diminutive of Bog (in the sense "son of God").


The family name Božič is pronounced as Boh-zheech in Slovenian, where ž is pronounced as "zh" in "Doctor Zhivago" or "su" in "measure"; letter "i" is pronounced as "ee" in "knee", and letter č is pronounced as "ch" in "chop".


Matija Božič was born on June 28, 1747 in the village of Prušnja vas of Sv. Križ (now Podbočje) parish, Slovenia, to Jurij and Marija Božič in house No.4 (Prušnja vas 4). Both parents were born in approx. 1715. His grandfather, Mihael Božič, was born in approx. 1690.


Ana Stopar was born to Marko Stopar (father) in approx. 1740. The name of her mother is unknown.


Matija Božič and Ana Stopar married on August 20, 1764 in Sv. Križ (now Podbočje). After the wedding the newlyweds moved to Matija’s house (Prušnja vas 4).


All Matija and Ana's children were born at the address above (we are currently researching the names of other children):


  1. Matija Božič (January 28,1768 - Unknown)


It is unknown when Matija Božič died. Most likely he died in his house (Prušnja vas 4). Ana Stopar died on August 30, 1785 at the age of 45 in her house (Prušnja vas 4).


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The Božič Family Genealogical Tree
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