Franciscus Mervar (September 13, 1853 - June 14, 1932)

Marija Šmajdek (June 29, 1855 - December 26, 1950)

Franciscus Mervar (also Mrvar) was born on September 13, 1853 in the village of Škrjanče of the Novo Mesto-Šmihel parish, Slovenia, to the family of Jernej (also Bartolomej, Bartolhomeus) Mervar and Marija Dular. He was christened the same day. Jernej Mervar was the mayor of Šmihel-Stopice county.


Before marriage Franciscus was a "Grundbesitzerssohn", and he resided in the town of Škrjanče in house No. 7. The village of Škrjanče is located southwest of the city of Novo Mesto on the outskirts of the city. Šmihel is located south of Novo Mesto; it is a suburb of Novo Mesto. On a modern map of Slovenia one can see the tiny town of Mrvar a very short distance east of Škrjanče. The word "Grundbesitzerssohn" translates as "the son of a landowner".

The Mervar Family, circa 1900

Back, left to right: Anton, Franc, Janez. Front, left to right: Josefa, Maria, Franciscus, Maria. Slovenia. Circa 1900.

Marija Šmajdek was born on June 29, 1855 in Novo Mesto-Šmihel parish. Marija’s parents, Franz Šmajdek and Marija Staniša, married in 1854 and lived in Regrča vas. She was christened the same day.


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Before getting married Marija was a "Bauerstochter" or a "farmer’s daughter" and she resided in the town of Regrča vas, in house No. 9.


Franciscus (25) and Marija (23) married on January 19, 1879 in Novo Mesto-Šmihel parish. After marriage they lived in the town of Škrjanče pri Novem mestu (Škrjanče by Novo Mesto) in house No. 10. Franciscus’ status changed from a "Grundbesitzerssohn" to a "¼ Hübler".


The explanation for "¼ Hübler": the Austrians developed the word "hube" for a farmhouse with land. ¼ hube = 1.4 acres. Thus "¼ Hübler" is a farmer who owns 1.4 acres.


Frank and Marija owned Gostilna na Hribu (Inn on the Hill). That property is still managed by the Mervar descendents.

Franciscus and Marija’s children in the village of Škrjanče, Slovenia:


  1. Franz/Frank Mervar (October 16, 1876 - August 26, 1960)
  2. Josef/Joseph Mervar (March 20, 1879 - April 19, 1962)
  3. Josefa/Josephine Mervar (March 16, 1881 - January 24, 1949)
  4. Alois Mervar (May 9, 1883 - November 20, 1956)
  5. Anton/Tony Mervar (July 11, 1885 - June 24, 1925)
  6. Stillborn boy (August 26, 1887)
  7. Marija Mervar *Pirkovič* (born October 10, 1888)
  8. Ivan Mervar (January 3, 1891 - July 21, 1972)
  9. Stillborn girl (December 14, 1894)


Note that all children, with the exception of Frank Mervar, were born in the village of Škrjanče. Frank was born in the town of Regrča vas, more than two years before Franciscus and Marija Mervar married. Perhaps they lived together or perhaps Frank was from a different father, who died.

Their son Alois Mervar died on November 20, 1956 in Zagreb, Croatia. Daughter Maria Mervar married M. Pirkovič on May 12, 1919.


Franciscus Mervar died on June 14, 1932 at the age of 78 from natural causes (old age). His wife, Marija Šmajdek died on December 26, 1950 at the age of 95. She was buried in the town of Šmihel pri Novem mestu.

Franciscus and Marija on the horse caridge, Gostilna na Hribu