Angelo Codromaz (Feb 15, 1876 - May 29, 1943)

Regina Durjavič (Dec 29, 1888 - Dec 5, 1973)

Angelo Codromaz (in USA: Codarmaz) was born on February 15, 1876 in the village of Codromaz (Slovene: Kodermacj, Kodermaci), Italy, to Giuseppe Codarmaz and Maria Debenjak (Italian: Debegnach, Debegnac).


Regina Durjavič (Italian: Duriavig) was born on December 29, 1888 in the village of Tribil di sotto (now Italian: Tribil Inferiore, Slovene: Dolenji Tarbij), Italy to Giuseppe Durjavič and Maria Kaučič (Italian: Caucig).


The name of the village of Tribil Inferiore translates to English as “Lower Tribil”, since it is located 3.4 miles southwest of the town of Tribil Superiore (Slovene: Gorenji Tarbij) or “Upper Tribil”.


Both ancestral villages, Codromaz and Tribil Inferiore are located in Italy near the Italian-Slovenian boarder. In fact, the village of Codromaz looks down at Slovenia from the mountains on which it is situated. The village of Codromaz is located 3.7 miles southwest of Tribil Inferiore.


Angelo and Regina were ethnic Slovenians (not Italians) from Venetian Slovenia (Italian: Slavia Veneta, Slavia Friulana or Slavia Italiana, Slovene: Beneška Slovenija).


Venetian Slovenia is a small mountainous region in northeastern Italy and northwestern Slovenia. Most of the region is located in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the area between the towns of Cividale del Friuli (Slovene: Čedad), Tarcento (Slovene: Čenta) and Gemona (Slovene: Humin) along the border with Slovenia. It is part of the Province of Udine in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and it is inhabited by a significant Slovene minority. A small part of the region is located in the Kobarid municipality in Slovenia, in the mountainous area around the villages of Breginj and Livek.


The last name of Codromaz has taken some beating over the centuries in Europe and the United States of America. Some variations of this last name, discovered in church and government records, include, but are not limited to the following: Codarmaz, Codromic, Codermaz, Codremacz, Kodromaz, Kodromac, Kodermacj, and Kodermaz.


In 1906 two single brothers, Angelo Codromaz (30) and Andrea Codromaz (28), headed for the Land of Opportunity. They left their little village and travelled approximately 900 miles to the city of Le Havre situated in northwestern France, on the right bank of the mouth of the river Seine on the English Channel.


On March 10, 1906 Angelo and Andrea sailed onboard the S.S. La Champagne from the French port of Le Havre to arrive at the port of New York, USA on March 20, 1906. According to the List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the U.S. Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival, their final destination in the USA was Indianapolis, Indiana, where Angelo was going to join his friend Eugenio Vellescig, and Andrea was going to join his friend Eugenio Primosig (Slovene: Primožič). Angelo was in possession of $12 and Andrea of $20.


According to Angelo’s daughter, Mary Mauser (March 2012), her father traveled home to Italy from the USA four or five times. We have been able to find two records thus far confirming Angelo’s first journey to the United States in 1906, and one in 1909.


It appears from the Ellis Island records that after arriving to the US the first time, he lived and worked there during 1906 and 1907. Then he visited his village in Italy and returned to the US with his brother, Michele, in March of 1909.


The List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the U.S. Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival dated March 8, 1909 provides additional information on Angelo Codromaz. He departed from Le Havre, France onboard the S.S. La Bretagne on February 27, 1909 and arrived to New York on March 8, 1909. Angelo was still single. His occupation was – laborer. He was able to read and write. His final destination in the US was Indianapolis, Indiana, where he was going to join his brother, Andrea, residing at 212 Geisendorf Street. He was in possession of $20. Height: 5’7”. Color of Hair: Black. Color of Eyes: Grey.


Angelo retuned to America with his younger brother – Michele (24). He was single, a laborer, and able to read and write. Michele was also going to Indianapolis, Indiana, where he was going to join his brother, Andrea, residing at 212 Geisendorf Street. He was in possession of $20. Height: 5’56”. Color of Hair: Chestnut. Color of Eyes: Grey.


On August 24, 1912 two young married ladies, Regina Durjavič (Italian: Duriavig) and Antonia Bordon sailed onboard the S.S. “Niagara” from Le Havre, France across the Atlantic Ocean.


They arrived to New York on Tuesday, September 3, 1912. They stood together in a line at the Ellis Island and, after going through the immigration procedure, they headed to Indianapolis. According to the Ellis Island records, Regina was going to join her husband, Angelo Codromaz, and Antonia was going to join her husband, Andrea Codormaz, residing at R.R.2, Morgantown, Indiana. Both ladies were 5’3” tall, and had black hair.


According to their daughter, Mary (March 2012), Angelo knew Regina in Italy and brought her over to the United States. While Ellis Island records indicate that Regina was married to Angelo at the time of her arrival to the United States, further research must be conducted in Italy to determine whether they were, indeed, married in Italy during one of Angelo’s trips home. In any case, merely thirteen (13) days after Regina and Antonia’s arrival to the United States of America, there was a double wedding ceremony at Holy Trinity Church in Indianapolis uniting Angelo Codarmaz and Regina Durjavič, and Andrea Codarmaz and Antonia Bordon.


Angelo Codarmaz (36) and Regina Durjavič (24) married on Monday, September 16, 1912 at Holy Trinity Church, Indianapolis. Angelo was 36 and Regina was 23. Their witnesses were Ottilio Markič (Italian: Marchig) and Anton Tomažič (Italian: Tomasig).


Andrea Codarmaz and Antonia Bordon married on September 16, 1912 at Holy Trinity Church, Indianapolis. Their witnesses were Ottilio Markič (Italian: Marchig) and Anton Tomažič (Italian: Tomasig). Antonia was the daugter of Andrea and Marianna Luidassig. She was from the town of Bordon (Slovene: Bordoni) on the Italian side of the Italian-Slovenian border. This town is from the same area where Angelo and Andrea Codarmaz, and Regina Durjavič were from.


Angelo and Regina had five children:


  1. Joannes / John (July 1, 1917 – November 16, 1919)
  2. Athanaius / Tanaza (May 1, 1914 – February 28, 1993)
  3. Pascalina Louise / Mary *Mauser* (April 20, 1919)
  4. Helen *Russell* (April 7, 1921)
  5. Son who died as an infant


Joannes (John) Codarmaz was born on June 15, 1917 (although church records mistakenly indicate July 15) and baptized on July 1, 1917. The family lived on West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. God parents: Joe (Giuseppe / Joseph) Kodromaz and Francisca Medvešček. John died at City Hospital on November 16, 1919 at the age of 2 years and 4 months. He was buried on November 18, 1919.


One of Angelo and Regina’s children (most likely John) fell in a tub filled with hot water, was badly burned and shortly thereafter died. Regina used a tub with very hot water for scrubbing her kitchen floor. She kept the tub under the table away from the children who were playing around the house. Somehow their little son ended up in the tub. They rushed him to a hospital, where he died. The parents were devastated, thus they avoided this topic.


Angelo and Regina's son Athanasius Angelus (Tanaza) was born on May 1, 1914. He was named after Athanasius, who is venerated as a Christian saint, whose feast day is May 2 in Western Christianity. Tanaza was baptized on May 16, 1914. At that time his parents resided at 1015 W. Pearl Street, Indianapolis. His god parents: uncle Rico Durjavič (Italian: Duriavig) and aunt Luigia Codromaz (Velliscig).


Tanaza was confirmed at Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Tuesday, May 30, 1922, at 7:30 PM. Confirmation Name: Charles. Sponsor: Chas Furlan.


Pascalina Louise (Mary) Codarmaz, later Mary Mauser, was born on April 20, 1919 one day before Easter (Latin: Pascha, Italian: Pasqua), which was celebrated on April 19 in 1919 – thus the name – Pascalina. She was baptized on May 18, 1919 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Indianapolis. At the time of her birth the family lived at 965 W. Pearl Street, Indianapolis. God parents: her aunt Luigia Codromaz (married Eugenio Velliscig) and Frank Bledič (Italian: Bledig).


The 1930 United States Federal Census records provide more insight into the life of the Codarmaz family.


  1. Angelo (54)
  2. Regina (42)
  3. Tanaza (16)
  4. Mary (11)
  5. Helen (8)


In 1930 the Codarmaz family lived at 965 Pearl Street, Indianapolis in a rented (not owned) home. Monthly rental was $12. All family members were able to read and write, and speak English. Parents were still not naturalized citizens. Angelo’s occupation: laborer. Industry: contractor.


According to his daughter, Mary Mauser (March 2012), Angelo was a ditch digger all his life – working with a shovel (there was no machinery then). Angelo’s wife, Regina, worked at J. Solotken & Company, Inc. all day – she separated rags. She went to work after the kids began attending school. Angelo started working early at 6 AM and worked until 6 PM.


In America Angelo and Regina’s children grew up always having food on the table – they were never hungry. They went to church every Sunday. Parents made sure that they would go to a private school. Mary and Helen went to St. Mary Academy. Tanaza went to Washington High School.


Regina was the strict parent in the family. The children always went to their dad when they needed money etc. Parents spoke broken English. They went to school (to take classes) in the US to learn the English language. Regina was extremely happy when she was naturalized as a US citizen. According to Mary, Regina spoke Slovenian, Italian, Polish, and English; Angelo spoke Slovenian, Italian, and English. Angelo and Regina communicated with each other only in the Slovenian language.


As a child Mary lived at 965 Pearl Street. Parents never went home (Italy) after being married. Parents were of average height. Dad made his own wine, and mom did a lot of sawing for other people. Mother sang (she loved to sing). They had a garden and their own grape vines.


Mom made potica and one of the typical dishes of Natisone's valley, the stakanje – puree of potatoes and green beans, and flavored with bacon grease and bacon bits. They ate a lot of rice dishes that dad cooked. He liked to cook and he liked rice. They also had fried chicken and pork chops frequently.


Parents socialized with Slovenians in Indianapolis. They went to the old Slovenian club and Slovenian National Home for fun. Both Angelo and Regina had siblings in America. Angelo’s brothers – Andrea, Michele, Giuseppe (Joseph) and sister Luigia (married Eugenio Velliscig) immigrated to America as well. Regina’s brother, Enrico Durjavič (Italian: Duriavig), came to America in 1907. Her sister, Giuditta, came to America in 1920. Many church records indicate that all of them were a closely knit family. Below you will find some records confirming Angelo and Regina’s interactions with their relatives.


For example, Regina was godmother to her nephew, Constantin Velliscig, who was born on May 15, 1918 and baptized on June 9, 1918. Constantin’s parents, Eugenio Velliscig and Luigia Codromaz, were born in Codromaz, Italy.


On May 31, 1931 Regina Codarmaz was a confirmation sponsor to Mary Marchig (Slovene: Markič). Confirmation name: Dorothy.


In 1936 Angelo Codarmaz was a confirmation sponsor to Richard Marchig (Slovene: Markič). Confirmation name: William.


On October 29, 1936 Tanaza Codarmaz (22) married Juanita May Crossley (20). Tanaza resided at 568 N. King, Indianapolis. Juanita lived at 1644 Kessler Blvd, Indianapolis. Her parents: Ogle Crossley and Ethel Ross. Witnesses: Ludovic Marchig and Mae Appleton.


Mary met Fonzy at school – Holy Trinity Grade School. Whenever there was a Church activity they saw each other. They spoke in English with each other. Parents met Fonzy as he came to the house a lot, and they liked him. Fonzy went to Mary’s dad to ask for her hand. Fonzy was very nervous, but dad made it easy for him and was agreeable. The wedding took place a couple of years later after Fonzy asked her dad for her hand in marriage. Mary had six bridesmaids – it was a nice wedding.


On May 29, 1941, Angelo and Regina’s older daughter, Mary Codarmaz, married Alfons Mauser of 960 N. Haugh Street, Indianapolis. At the time of her wedding Mary resided with her family at 1140 N. Haugh Street, Indianapolis. Witnesses: Carl Mauser (Alfons’s older brother) and Helen Codarmaz – Mary’s younger sister.


According to the U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLD Death File, 1850-2010, Angelo and Regina’s son, Tanaza, enlisted in the U.S. Army on September 21, 1942 and released on September 28, 1945.


On October 3, 1942, Angelo and Regina’s younger daughter, Helen F. Codarmaz, married William Russell of 1043 N. Mount, Indianapolis. At the time of her marriage Helen resided at 1140 N. Haugh Street, Indianapolis. Witnesses: Michael Lee (?) and her older sister Mary Mauser.


Angelo Codromaz was naturalized as a US citizen on January 30, 1941 at the age of 64. Here is Angelo’s personal description according to the Certificate of Naturalization No. 4905169 (Petition No. 3711): complexion – fair, color of eyes – brown, color of hair – black, height – 5 feet 6 inches, weight – 160 pounds, and marital status – married. His last name is spelled Codromaz on the Certificate of Naturalization.


Regina Codarmaz was naturalized as a US citizen on June 18, 1943 at the age of 54. Here is Regina’s personal description according to the Certificate of Naturalization No. 5814458 (Petition No. 4316): complexion – medium, color of eyes – blue, color of hair – gray, height – 5 feet 5 inches, weight – 158 pounds, and marital status – not married (widow). Her last name is spelled Codarmaz on the Certificate of Naturalization.


Angelo Codarmaz died on May 29, 1943 at the age of 68. Regina Codarmaz died on December 5, 1973, a few days short of her 85th birthday. She was buried on December 8, 1973. Angelo and Regina are buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Indianapolis. Regina’s SSN: 310-10-9628. Last residence: 1140 Winfield, Indianapolis, IN 46222 Indianapolis, USA.


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