Anton Šuštar (January 1823 - January 5, 1906)

Marija Podlesnik (February 1826 - December 21, 1897)

Anton Šuštar was born in January 1823 in the village of Senožeti, Slovenia (a town northeast of Litija).


Since Anton was born in what was then Austro-Hungary, his last name also appears in church records in the German language as Schuster. 


Anton was a 1/4 Hübler (in 1850).


Anton married Marija Podlesnik born in February 1826. Her first name also appears in church records as Maria, Marianna, Mariana, and Marijana.  


Anton and Marija had five children - three daughters and two sons:


  1. Franciska (June 14, 1850 - July 25, 1912)
  2. Maria (April 4, 1853)
  3. Jernej/Bartholomaeus (August 19, 1858)
  4. Margaritha (July 4, 1862)
  5. Anton/Antonius (March 23, 1867)


Both parents were catholic. They resided at Senožet 8.


When Franciska was born her god parents were Johann Kobilšek/Kobilschek (Bauer) and Katharina Kobilšek/Kobilschek (dessen Eheweib). She was baptized by Franz Marinschek, Pfarrer.