Škrjanče pri Novem Mestu, Slovenia

  • Population (2002): 41
  • Coordinates: 45°46′54.11″N 15°8′55.61″E
  • Elevation: 193 m (633 ft)
  • Total Area: 1.43 sq km (0.55 sq mi)

Škrjanče pri Novem Mestu is a settlement in the hills to the southwest of Novo Mesto in southeastern Slovenia. The area is part of the traditional region of Lower Carniola and is now included in the Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region.


Škrjanče pri Novem Mestu is the ancestral village of Franciscus Mervar (1853-1932) and his children Franz, Josef, Josefa, Alois, Anton, Marija, and Ivan.

Gostilna na Hribu, Škrjanče. The Mervars. Circa 1930's. 

Marie Bozic (Swoverland) in Škrjanče, Slovenia. May 4, 2011.

Škrjanče pri Novem Mestu is the home to the oldest oak tree in Slovenia. The oak tree grows at Mervar home (Gostilna na Hribu). Eight meters above ground the mighty singular trunk branches into two treetops that form a comprehensive crown. It has a chest-high perimeter of 680 cm. According to oral tradition it is supposed to be around 400 (also 500) years old. In 1989 lightning had cut the eastern treetop. In the same year it was restored. This oak tree is the thickest oak in Novo mesto municipality and fourth thickest in Slovenia.

Marie Bozic (Swoverland) in Škrjanče, Slovenia. May 4, 2011.

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